Hugh Jackman will play in the new animated series from Justin Roiland


One of the creators of “Rick and Morty” Justin Royland is back in business with a new animated series, and there is already a fair talent ready to settle in the recording booth. The Koala Man series itself is not entirely new information, but now Hugh Jackman is participating in it.

Jackman, an Australian actor who has wowed audiences for more than a decade with his role as Wolverine in the X-Men films among many other roles over the years, has just joined Roiland’s upcoming animated show Koala Man. Having received an order for a full series on Hulu back in March 2021, the project already had some opportunities to move even before Jackman joined it, but now it looks like viewers have another reason to watch this promising new comedy.

“Koala Man”, starring Australian animator Michael Cusack, comes from an episode of the animated series “Fresh Blood”, in which Cusack was the writer and director of this particular episode. According to Variety, it follows “middle—aged father Kevin and his titled not-so-secret persona, whose only superpower is a fervent passion for following the rules and suppressing petty crimes in the city of Dapto. Although it may seem like any other Australian suburb, the forces of evil, both cosmic and man-made, are lurking to pounce on unsuspecting Daptonians. In an effort to clean up his hometown and often involving his frustrated family in his adventures, Koala is always ready. everything you need to defeat villainous masterminds, supernatural horrors, or worse: assholes who don’t take out their trash cans on the proper days.”

Jackman will play Big Greg, the head of the Dapto city council and everyone’s favorite member of the community. His life had been a long series of successes, which made his subordinate Kevin feel inferior at every turn. As an additional salt to the wound, the townspeople regularly assume that Big Greg is responsible for the Koala Man’s efforts to ensure the safety of the city. Sounds like how many people probably felt when Jackman’s Wolverine was giving them orders.

The series continues Royland’s trend towards animated adult shows with charming characters and a deceptively optimistic sense of humor. “Rick and Morty” is often considered a cynical series, but it tends to end up focusing on positive messages when all the hilarious and often painful dust settles. The story of an ordinary guy who does his best to be extraordinary sounds like an idea that will thrive in this format.

In some ways, it seems almost a spiritual successor to many of Adult Swim’s classic animated offerings, though perhaps a little less surreal than Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. A hilarious, potentially ineffective comedy like this may be exactly what many viewers need right now, and Jackman’s pleasant tones are sure to be the icing on this already comforting cake.

Currently, Koala Man has no release date, but it is planned to show 8 episodes on Hulu.