Hugh Jackman “trolls” Ryan Reynolds with a funny photo


Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, Hollywood’s most famous friend-foes, give a buzz again on Deadpool star’s birthday

Hugh Jackman is back in his “Faux Feud” with Ryan Reynolds. Today is the Deadpool actor’s birthday, and his friend-foe posted a photo of a young (and very nerdy-looking) Ryan Reynolds playing his drums, with the caption:

“Happy Birthday friend!” Not to be left behind, Ryan Reynolds responded by taking Hugh Jackman’s joke in stride: “That shirt was a cry for help.”

Fans of the two Marvel movie stars know and love the twists and turns of this Faux Feud on social media, and they look forward to the important occasions in every actor’s life, for this very reason!

This is how Reynolds and Jackman celebrate their birthdays

To be fair, Hugh Jackman is technically responding to Ryan Reynolds, who made his own birthday prank for the Wolverine star by posting a video in which he joked that Jackman was home alone because Reynolds had taken his family by plane. to celebrate his birthday:

“Hey Hugh! I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and say I love you,” Reynolds said. “I’m here in Atlanta so I wish I could celebrate with you. You might notice that there is a bit of silence in the house this morning, that’s because I brought Deb, the kids, the dogs, your friends, and the furniture here. To celebrate your birthday with me. And we’re having a great time. And we miss you. ”

The Hugh Jackman / Ryan Reynolds Faux Feud dates back to when Reynolds was promoting Deadpool 2, in 2017. Reynolds had asked (jokingly) that Hugh Jackman Wolverine join the franchise, but Jackman had retired from the role after Logan left. released that same year.

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