Hugh Jackman responds to rumors about the cameo of “Deadpool 3” with a new photo


Hugh Jackman has responded to rumors that he will appear in “Deadpool 3” by posting a new photo. “Deadpool 3” will mark the introduction of Deadpool into the Marvel cinematic universe (Deadpool was originally part of the Fox X-Men franchise). The trilogy is directed by Sean Levy, who previously directed the trilogy “Night at the Museum” and last year’s “Free Guy”, which also starred Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds will return to Deadpool 3 with co-star Leslie Aggams. Other information about the casting and plot has not yet been confirmed.

However, recently there have been rumors that Jackman may appear in “Deadpool 3” in the role of Wolverine. Rumors flared up when Jackman posted a photo on his phone in which he was surprised by something. Despite the nondescript, mundane nature of this photo, many people on the Internet took it as a kind of hint at the assumption of his return. Considering how Logan ended up, that seems incredibly unlikely. However, that didn’t stop fans from posting GIFs of Reynolds’ “Merck with a Mouth” and theorizing about Jackman’s potential return.

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Now Jackman is reacting to these fan theories by posting another photo on his Twitter. This time, in the photo of Jackman, he is just in a T-shirt and sweatpants, looking at the camera, frowning and putting his hand on his hip. He signed the photo: “Let’s see what kind of rumors will go on my face today…”

Jackman’s response to the growing fan theories of Deadpool 3 and rampant speculation is certainly a humorous approach to the situation. The newest photo seems just as harmless, if not more so, than the original photo. However, Jackman still leaves the caption and content of this photo very vague. While his comment suggests that fans have made a big leap from his previous photo looking at the phone to the idea that he appeared in “Deadpool 3”, Jackman does not confirm or deny his appearance in the sequel to “Deadpool”.

So even with his comedic response to recent rumors, Jackman is still leaving open the possibility of his comeback. Given the recent unexpected appearance of former actors in other MCU films, Jackman’s return will not come as a complete surprise. Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire both appeared in Spider-Man: No Home, despite denying the initial rumors, and Patrick Stewart appeared in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness. These recent appearances prove that the MCU often uses references to previous films, including bringing in actors from previous films. At the moment, viewers are still waiting for the release of “Deadpool 3”.