Hugh Jackman Posts a mysterious photo, and fans Think He’s teasing the role of Deadpool 3


If there is one thing that causes alarm among moviegoers, it is the name of Hugh Jackman, mentioned in the same sentence as the name “Deadpool 3”. That didn’t stop fans from looking for clues that they think exist. Our latest potential sign of Jackman’s return to the MCU comes from a mysterious photo he posted that some consider a teasing team-up with Ryan Reynolds.

The actor’s Instagram post seems harmless enough. Posting a shocked smiley face as a caption and looking rather stunned himself, the Broadway host of The Music Man got everyone talking with this simple combination of being awestruck.

By posting the same photo on other official social media platforms, the “X-Men” graduate caused a violent reaction from his fans. Twitter user “miss_lissa_412” was one of those fans who mentioned the “feud” between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds:

What did @VancityReynolds send you?

As for Wolverine’s appearance in Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds sees him as a potential “dream come true.” Reynolds’ instructions to write to Kevin Feige may have reached fans, as the user “rmrubio13” brought the mastermind of the Marvel Cinematic universe into conversation with his dream:

Hugh Jackman’s reaction to @Kevfeige’s request to return to the role of Wolverine! Hey, I can dream, right?

Hugh Jackman’s original Instagram post also drew a promising reaction. Commentator brodie.kaine believes that the triquel is exactly what’s on the table, as can be seen from this short and simple answer:

When you get the script for DEADPOOL 3.

However, is it really Hugh Jackman teasing the role of Deadpool 3? Or is it a reaction to some other breaking news? User “wesleymyers27_” posted this reaction to the original Instagram post, which touched on what we recently covered in the world of MCU madness:

His reaction to Chris Evans being cast as Wolverine, lol

Perhaps Hugh Jackman’s new potential “feud” is about to begin. Only the man himself knows, and you can bet he won’t tell until he’s ready. This is part of the fun that Jackman spends with his fans and any journalists following such events. So consider that we are glued to our screens to find out what will happen next.

But how likely is it that the new movie “The Mercenary with the Mouth” will use the previous Wolverine for another appearance? Some may tell you that these odds have jumped a little thanks to the fact that director Sean Levy was hired to create “Deadpool 3.” Unfortunately, the film doesn’t have an official release date or even an estimated production schedule, so we may not see movement on that front for some. time.

Still, there’s plenty of time to try and convince Hugh Jackman to get his claws out again in the name of comedy gold. Plus, it gives everyone time to check out upcoming movies, Marvel and others that are officially on the list next year.