Hugh Jackman had a two-word answer when Ryan Reynolds made his big “Deadpool 3” announcement


The biggest news of the week should be the fact that not only Deadpool 3 has an official release date, but Ryan Reynolds has almost the biggest partner imaginable. Hugh Jackman will return to the role of Wolverine, which we all thought he was done with. Needless to say, the fans are going crazy, but the whole atmosphere of the announcement of Jackman’s participation was very restrained, including when Jackman himself published the news.

Hugh Jackman‘s Instagram posted the same video as Ryan Reynolds to make the announcement. Next to the video were the same two words that Jackman uses in the clip to decide to play Wolverine.

In fact, this is the perfect answer, because the viewers who first saw this video didn’t really know what Jackman was talking about specifically until the very end. Jackman and Reynolds fight each other so often on social media that watching the video won’t necessarily make you think something is wrong. Jackman saying “Yes, of course” may just be a sarcastic response to what Reynolds says at the end of the video. And then reality gets lost and you lose your mind because of the news.

Ryan Reynolds is somewhat of an entrepreneur as well as an actor, so he certainly brought in his other business interests to help promote this news. Maximum Effort, the Reynolds marketing company that was probably at least partially responsible for this video, also posted it with a note that probably excited many fans…

In a follow-up video posted by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, which was supposed to answer fans’ questions but was mostly a joke, the pair indicated that since Logan’s action takes place in the future, “Deadpool 3” should not interfere with the events of this movie. in terms of continuity. This, of course, assumes that continuity means something. After all, this will be the fourth Deadpool movie breaking the wall.

Another Reynolds venture also commented on the clip. In fact, the video briefly shows an aviation gin. We see Reynolds filling Deadpool’s mug with things, apparently looking for inspiration to come up with what Deadpool 3 would actually be like. Aviation decided to make a joke about Jackman’s return, saying…

The comment probably echoes with many fans who are equally excited about Jackman’s return. Fans wanted to see Wolverine and Deadpool together on the screen. It was something Ryan Reynolds wasn’t shy about saying he wanted, but we never believed we’d get it. And although we still have to wait a couple of years, it’s happening. That’s what I call maximum effort.



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