Huge Investment for Female NFT and Metaverse Artists!


The World of Women Foundation (WoW) announced that it will invest in training and mentoring to increase female participants in the Web3 and metaverse world. WoW will cooperate with The Sandbox in this investment, which will use $25 million in financing. In addition, with this project, WoW aims to increase the inclusiveness of women representatives in the field of NFT.

Female NFT Artists

Representatives of the WoW Foundation say that they will allocate all the funding allocated in the field of education to this project for 5 years. Famous NFT artists Yam Karkai and Raphael Malavieille launched the World of Women project in July. In addition, WoW made a name for itself with a collection of 10,000 women’s NFTs. With this NFT project and the education funding that followed, WoW aims to break the male dominance in the market and allow women to have a say in the rising metaverse world.

A representative of the WoW Foundation says that 5% of all NFTs released in the 21 months until November belong to female NFT artists. With the entry of WoW into the NFT world, WoW NFTs have skyrocketed in the charts and are available on OpenSea at a base price of around 7 Ethereum (ETH). Therefore, the proportion of female artists in the NFT and metaverse market has increased, but this ratio is still not large enough to break the dominance of men. To increase this, WoW thinks that this training and mentoring project will be a great support for future female NFT artists and Web3 programmers.

NFT Diploma and WoW Museum

This project includes preparing a virtual academic environment for NFT artists and inclusive investments for Web3 software women on the basis of the metaverse. WoW supports this project with one of the best in the industry, The Sandbox. The Sandbox aims to open its network to these project participants and contribute to the advancement of women participants.

In addition, this project aims to provide free online courses on Web3 with the immersive experience of The Sandbox and to receive certificates after the course is completed. Thus, participants will have a kind of NFT diploma after completing the course. On the other hand, The Sandbox also plans to create a WoW Museum in the metaverse, which is planned to be a digital showcase for the WoW Foundation.