Hueningkai surprises MOA with his incredible change


These are the before and after photos of this idol.

The Big Hit Entertainment group will appear as a special cover for the Japanese magazine ‘ CUT ‘, it is a publication dedicated to interviewing artists from all over the world addressing various topics such as their career or the role that inspiration plays in their creations.

On April 20 this edition will be available, which corresponds to the month of May , where TXT members share their thoughts , some advances indicate that the interviews took place individually and together, so that fans feel a better connection with the band.

The fans were thrilled to know that the content of the magazine is 10 pages, because despite having little of his debut, members of TXT have a lot to tell about the projects they have in door.

The cover of CUT has been revealed and the 5 boys from TXT pose side by side in a very comfortable and safe way, but there is something that is causing a lot of impact on Internet users, because when they saw Hueningkai they realized that the idol had grown up a lot, his appearance is different .

Some fans made comparisons of photos from the past commenting that he looked like a child, for his tender and cute appearance, but now he is a very handsome young man who has been maturing little by little, some other followers said they were surprised at the change of his expensive , because his features were very defined .

Do you think Hueningkai is growing very fast?


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