Hubble telescope enters safe mode after software failure


The Hubble space telescope ceased to function normally and entered safe mode on Sunday (07).

The equipment presented a “software error” in the system embedded in the artificial satellite and had all activities paused, just wandering around the space indefinitely waiting for an update of the system to correct any problems.

According to an update from NASA on the satellite’s official Twitter account, the error will be fixed soon and soon the telescope will be able to resume traditional activities of collecting images of the planet’s surface. All scientific systems appear to operate normally and nothing has been damaged, according to the initial report.

Hubble was launched in orbit in April 1990 by the American space agency and, since 1993, it sends images to Earth that shows new perspectives on our planet and nearby celestial bodies.

The telescope’s last big scare occurred in 2018, when it also went into safety mode after problems with the gyroscope that helps with spatial orientation. He returned to the traditional mode after three weeks of maintenance.


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