Hubble Telescope Captures Images of a “Fluffy” Galaxy


A new photo shared by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the American Space Aviation Agency (NASA) featured a galaxy image taken by the Hubble space telescope. This interesting image features a rather fluffy galaxy.

Space is really full of incredible beauty, but with the naked eye we can only see a tiny fraction of them. Thanks to tools such as the Hubble Space Telescope, we can collect information from different points in space.

We are faced with a very interesting galaxy structure in the visual from Hubble. The galaxy, called “lint” by ESA, looks like an egg covered with colored powders when viewed from a distance.

NGC 2775 Viewed by Hubble

In fact, the name of this interestingly shaped galaxy was designated as NGC 2775. This galaxy, which has a huge yellow mass instead of a black hole in its center, offers certain information about its past as it is.

When we look at the blue colored structures in the spiral arms of the galaxy in terms of new star formations, NGC states that there is not much movement in 2775. There is no star formation in the central part. It is possible to predict the past of the galaxy by looking at the yellow center mass.

Probably in the past of the galaxy, dense clouds of gas were present in the central region. These gas masses may have formed stars over time. The colorful structures we see as we move away from the center show younger structures.

The image of the galaxy attracted attention

This interesting galaxy takes place in the Gemini constellation. Various images of this galaxy have been taken before, but when we look at these frames, we see that they are not so clear. This once again reveals how powerful the Hubble Space Telescope is.

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In March 2021, the heir to the Hubble Space Telescope will be sent to space. Despite the presence of the more advanced successor, it will take longer to analyze the abundant data Hubble collects. Hubble will continue to collect new images for us until he retires completely. Let’s see how we face us in the future


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