Hubble Space Telescope Displays ‘Cannibal’ Galaxy


Astronomers using the UK Infrared Telescope and NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope viewed the NGC 4651 galaxy last March. In the statement made by NASA about the image of the galaxy, it seems that the galaxy, which seems calm, actually consumes the small galaxies around it.

NGC 4651, a spiral galaxy class, has a calm and peaceful appearance in space. However, the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said, “Don’t be fooled, hiding a violent secret.” He made a statement about the galaxy. This is because NASA thinks this galaxy consumes a smaller galaxy. Detailed observations like this one can make high-capacity telescopes like Hubble. On the other hand, the galaxy NGC 4651 can be observed with an amateur telescope.

Umbrella-built galaxy ‘swallows’ small galaxies:
“If you have a telescope at home, look for this sparkly carnivorous spiral,” NASA said about the image of NGC 4651. dropped his rating. To mention NGC 4651, the Hair of Berenis is a non-stick spiral galaxy located approximately 62 million light years away in the constellation region. The galaxy in question was discovered by British astronomer Wilhelm Herschel on December 30, 1783.

In the images obtained from the galaxy, it is seen that a pale, umbrella-shaped structure is located 100 thousand light years away from the galaxy disc. This is why NGC 4651 is also known as the “Umbrella Galaxy”. As a result of the researches, it was understood that this huge umbrella-like structure consists of star currents caused by the tides.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope also says that the seemingly peaceful and calm galaxy actually “eats” the smaller galaxies around. In addition, two supernovas, type IIp SN 1987k and type II SN 2006my, were previously observed within the galaxy in question. Supernova is known as the explosion of massive stars with energized energy.

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