Hubble Is In Trouble Again and NASA Goes To The Rescue


Hubble: After just over three months since the last problems it experienced, the Hubble Space Telescope is in trouble again. This Wednesday (16), NASA published a statement stating that a computer responsible for transmitting data from the equipment stopped working last Sunday (13), and everything indicates that this was due to a worn out memory module.

Even today, agency teams must transfer the tasks previously performed by the component to one of its backups.

If the assumptions are confirmed, they will wait at least a day to reconnect scientific instruments – which are in safe mode, as one of the attributions of the defective device is to control and coordinate them.

‘It’s alive’?

Built in the 1980s, the device is a NASA Standard Spacecraft Computer-1 (NSSC-1) system and is part of the Science Instrument Command and Data Handling module, replaced in 2009.

Fortunately, it has multiple levels of redundancy, meaning additional parts capable of replacing the primary if necessary and ensuring uninterrupted service as well as preventing data loss.

According to NASA, something went wrong after the astronomical observer’s main computer stopped receiving a “keep-alive” signal from its companion, defined as a “standard handshake” between the accessory and the central appliances, indicating that everything is fine.”

After an attempt to restart it on Monday (14), operators found that the scenario has not changed – and began to dedicate themselves to strategies to rescue Hubble, which, in three decades of existence, has already captured at least one event for each day of the year and revealed planets quite distant from us.


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