Huawei’s Smartphone Sales Are Said to Drop at Record Level


It is said that Huawei will lose a significant amount of blood in 2020. According to allegations, the Corona virus epidemic, which will be combined with the US administration’s trade ban, will reduce Huawei’s sales in 2020 by 20 percent.

Chinese technology giant Huawei is one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers of recent times. Having the title of being the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world with the output it caught a few years ago, the company manages to enchant consumers with both performance products and flagship phones. However, the latest allegations reveal that things are not going well for Huawei.

Huawei was exposed to a trade ban from the US administration last May. The US government, accusing the Chinese tech giant of spying, banned US-based technology manufacturers from trading with Huawei. This ban resulted in Huawei not being able to use Google’s apps (Gmail, YouTube, Maps, etc.) on its smartphones.

None of the smartphones Huawei has launched in the past months use Google apps. Moreover, among these phone models, there is the flagship series called “Mate 30”. In addition, it seems that the company will not be able to use these applications in the new flagship series P40, which it will announce shortly. The claims made show that Huawei will have a hard time in 2020.

Allegedly, Huawei will drop phone sales in 2020. No such thing has ever happened in the past 10 years. Moreover, it is stated that the decline in the phone sales will be around 20 percent, which clearly shows that Huawei will seriously lose blood.

Huawei’s only problem is not the trade ban imposed by the U.S. administration. The Corona virus, which has emerged in Wuhan, China and appears in many countries, also seriously threatens Huawei. Because the epidemic directly affects life in China and production is not done. As such, Huawei does not seem to be able to supply parts.

Huawei, which was not affected by the US sanction in 2019, seems to lose a serious blood in 2020. The negative impact of the Corona virus on life will be the second blow to Huawei, and the company will go through an even more difficult process. Let’s see if Huawei is able to successfully cope with all these problems?


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