Huawei’s New Wireless Headset NovaBuds Unveiled


Huawei recently filed a new patent at the European Union Office for Intellectual Property. The filed patent was found to belong to the Huawei NovaBuds wireless headset.

China-based technology giant Huawei is a company that attracts attention with the introduction of smart phones, but is also trying to do something in the smart accessory industry. The company managed to attract attention with its wireless headphones called FreeBuds 3, which are currently being sold in many locations, including European countries.

Huawei is considering adding another headset next to the currently available FreeBuds 3 headset. Huawei, who recently filed a patent application with the Office for Intellectual Property in the European Union, was found to be working on another wireless headset. As the patent application shows, Huawei wants to continue its progress in this industry by launching a wireless headset called NovaBuds.

Nova’s being a separate brand became difficult after this patent
Only a few weeks ago, it was claimed that Huawei was trying to make the Nova brand a sub-brand. It is said that under the Nova brand, which will be the sub-brand of Huawei like Honor, budget-friendly smart accessories such as smart watches, wireless headphones and smart wristbands would be sold. If this had happened, Huawei would have a new brand to focus solely on smart accessories for smartphones.

Of course, there was no certainty, and this was merely an argument, but after the recent NovaBuds patent that was the subject of our news, it was a bit of a dead end. Huawei’s patent application filed by EUIPO has the name ‘Huawei in front of NovaBuds. This may indicate that Huawei has not made an effort to make Nova a sub-brand, but Nova’s fate may change in the future as there is no official explanation.

The filed patent does not provide any other information about the wireless headset. Currently, the only known is the name of Huawei NovaBuds and it is in the 9th grade category. This category; headphones, phone headsets and headsets for virtual reality games, so it’s clear that NovaBuds is headphones. That’s all about NovaBuds and the Nova brand. Stay tuned if you want to be informed about developments.


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