Huawei’s Mobile Search Engine Petal Search Is 1 Year Old


Huawei’s mobile search engine Petal Search, which started to be offered to users as of May 2020, is in use with support for more than 50 languages ​​in more than 170 countries all over the world, according to the company. Petal Search, the search engine that is said to offer quality content to mobile users in the most efficient way, with more than 20 categories such as news, travel, shopping and local businesses used on all Android devices, especially Huawei, is now celebrating its 1st year.

With Petal Search, which is stated to have more than 18 million users worldwide, especially in Europe, news, shopping, travel, sports, finance, etc. In many categories, you can easily search for last-minute news, the closest restaurants, the recipe of a favorite dish, favorite series, songs from the latest album of the favorite singers, sports events of the next week. All search results are customized according to the user’s personal preferences and location.

As Huawei has stated, Petal Search, which has been approved by the ePrivacy Seal for GDPR compliance, which has been trying to prioritize privacy in all circumstances since the first day it was offered to users, Petal Search is certified in EU standards for privacy and does not monitor user data. Moreover, it offers a special experience to its users with features such as the ability to choose the search language and region according to preference, the ability to turn off the search history and to filter inappropriate content.


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