Huawei will stop selling cell phones with chargers in the box


Huawei may follow in the footsteps of Apple and Samsung and stop selling cell phones with chargers in the box, according to information released on Weibo, the Chinese social network. Unlike Apple, which focused on the ecologically correct argument, claiming that the joint sale of iPhones and chargers was harmful to the environment, the Chinese giant would have as its main justification the lack of chips.

According to the details revealed by the source, the scarcity of electronic inputs is the motivation for a possible change in the way Huawei sells its cell phones. If the forecast is right, it may be that the brand will sell its models again with chargers in the box, once the sector is stable. However, it is not possible to say with certainty. After all, the change is certainly more profitable for the manufacturer.

This scarcity, it is worth mentioning, is related to the high demand for electronics – especially in the context of home office and distance learning – and a difficulty in production, which cannot match the pace of consumption.

Now, it remains to wait to see if the forecast will be confirmed and how the consumer market will react to this change. When Apple announced its plans to discontinue the joint supply of cell phones and chargers, on the pretext of environmental reasons, it was severely criticized – especially after some studies showed that the withdrawal of the chargers was actually more harmful to the environment and generated more profit for the manufacturer.


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