Netflix has announced the recipe for success!


A spokesperson for Netflix has just given the “recipe” for the success of documentaries on the ever-growing platform

If you are Netflix customers, you know that the platform is full of series and movies. But not only. Indeed, it also has a number of documentaries which continues to grow. In fact, the latter seem to be even more successful than the platform’s phrase series.

But how to explain such success? Because yes, as surprising as it may seem, Internet users sometimes prefer to spend several hours in front of “Our Planet” rather than Dark. It must be said that for the first report, months, even years, of filming were necessary.

This is why we take even more pleasure in discovering our Earth knowing all the work that there has been behind to make us discover how badly it is doing … But if we take so much pleasure, it is not. is not for nothing according to Netflix.

As we let you know, the spokesperson has just confided in La Nouvelle République. During the interview, he provided information explaining the growing success of docs on the streaming platform.

So how does Netflix keep its fans interested in these projects? The answer a little lower.


“We want to offer a cinematographic look. And avoid making, as much as possible, documentaries that are in a contemporary aesthetic. Including by entrusting the creation to film directors. ”

It is by “turning” the documentary like a movie or a series that Netflix manages to win over fans so much. For this, the group must therefore call on pros, who already have experience. However, this is not enough:

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“If you have a great real, a great story but everything in it has already been seen, read, heard everywhere, that won’t work.” Before reassuring those who ask for more reporting in the future: “We aim to do more and more. And to offer variety ”.

Now you know how Netflix manages to engage fans. The latter will still have plenty to do in the coming months.


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