Huawei will detect Uyghurs walking on the street


Huawei, the US-embargoed Chinese technology company, applied to patent a system that detects Uighurs among pedestrians.

The system that detects Uyghurs among pedestrians

A document shared with the BBC by a US-based research company confirms that the application has been submitted. However, Huawei officials have previously said that no technological system is designed to identify ethnic groups.

Huawei stated in the documents submitted to the National Intellectual Property Rights Administration (CNIPA), the authority providing patent in China, it has requested permission to delete any amnesty made to Uighurs.

China; He is mainly accused of using high-tech surveillance systems against Muslim Uyghur Turks living in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the northwestern part of the country, detaining the Practices in labor camps and separating children from their families.

Huawei first applied for a patent for this system in 2018 with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the application, learning methods provided by artificial intelligence techniques are described in order to determine some characteristics of pedestrians who have video or video recorded and photographed on the street.

Thanks to this artificial intelligence, Huawei will be able to process deep data, including a person’s body movements, race, face and other physical features and ethnicity.

Speaking on the subject, Huawei spokesperson; “Identifying the race of individuals has never been part of a research and development project. It should never have been included in the application. We are taking proactive steps to change this. We continue to work to ensure that new and changing technology is developed and implemented within the framework of the highest level of care and integrity. ” found in the description.


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