Huawei WiFi Mesh WS580, internet all over the house


As you may already know, Huawei has been barred from doing business with Google since last year, the year the company landed again in Brazil. Without being able to launch Android phones, the way was to focus on other products for the end consumer that do not need the operating system of the Mountain View giant.

With this, the company focuses on the Brazilian market in infrastructure products, wearables and connectivity products. Huawei sent one of them for testing, the WiFi Mesh WS5800, announced in September 2020. We used the equipment for a few months and passed our impressions on in the following analysis.

Why do you need a Wi-Fi Mesh?

Mesh technology (from English mesh) can be the solution for those who have connection problems at home, especially for those who have large properties whose traditional modem coverage may fail. This is because the technology allows the equipment to “talk” to each other, and to spread the internet signal throughout the location without additional configurations and also without creating a second network, which needs a new login.

Therefore, if you live in a large property, with many physical walls and feel that your operator’s modem does not provide the internet speed you want, combining with devices of this category should certainly help. At the other end, several Mesh routers will not have the same effect in small environments, since, with the short space, the communication between devices to keep the whole place connected will not make sense.

Thinking about it, Huawei offers the option to buy one, two or three Mesh towers, since the gain in speed is also a feature of the technology.


Basically, we are talking about a matte white cylindrical tower. The finish is matte and simple, making it less noticeable due to its sober appearance. Still, it draws attention. They are 21cm high by 10cm in diameter and weigh 580g. Hiding it is a difficult task, but its design is done precisely so that it appears prominently.

On the front, we have the Huawei logo, in gray, a single physical button, used to activate the pairing mode with the other towers, which has the same logo as the AI ​​Life app, which controls the device, and an LED ring at the bottom, which alternates between red – when there is some kind of failure or during initialization – and blue, which is the standard color for normal operation.


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