Huawei Watch for those looking for a sports smartwatch


Huawei Watch Fit, one of the wearable products that Huawei promoted this month, was sold and naturally the price was announced. This smart watch, offered in different colors such as graphite black, mint green and sakura pink, has an unusual appearance for a smartwatch with its thin and long screen.

Watch Fit, which draws attention with its extraordinary design, owes this to the 1.64 inch AMOLED display. This smart watch, which has a screen / body ratio of 70 percent, promises a wide field of view. This 280 x 456 pixel resolution screen also has automatic brightness adjustment. Huawei offers more than 130 watch faces to fit this slim and tall screen. It is possible to access them through the Huawei Health application. You can also choose a photo from your album to customize the watch face in the app and turn the widgets directly into the home screen in Watch Fit.

The body thickness of this smart watch, which does not weigh much on the wrist with its 34 grams, is only 10.7 millimeters. Designed to fit under the shirt cuff for a comfortable wearing experience.

Of course, one of the focus points of the smart watch is to help with healthy living and exercise. The smartwatch includes a special coach that provides animation and representation of 44 different movements to make the exercise more fun and professional. You can also choose from 13 running tracks, from beginner to advanced. You can also save the details of 96 exercise modes, 11 professional and 85 customized. With Watch Fit, you can effectively manage your exercise performance and understand the physiological aspects of exercise. Watch Fit, which tracks your movement including posture, stance intensity and duration, automatically recognizes 6 exercise modes.

The built-in GPS feature, which we are used to seeing in every smartwatch, is not forgotten. Supported by GPS and GLONASS, Huawei Watch Fit offers precise exercise tracking on the map for recording and sharing.

Adopting TruSeen 4.0, Huawei Watch Fit allows you to accurately track your heart rate 24 hours a day. To add an extra measure of safety, it vibrates to remind you when your heart rate is in high or low state for 10 minutes. It allows you to know the oxygen concentration in the blood in real time to learn your health status for the safety of outdoor exercise. In this way, you can have a healthier lifestyle by acting according to the result.

Apart from measuring heart rate and blood oxygen concentration, there are other health features such as cycle monitoring, sleep tracking, stress monitoring. We also see features such as controlling the media playing on the connected phone and mirroring notifications in Watch Fit.

According to Huawei, Watch Fit includes features such as 10-day battery life and fast charging. It has dual chipset architecture and low power consumption system to provide both power efficiency and outstanding performance. With just 5 minutes of charging, you can use the watch for a day.


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