Huawei Watch 3 To Be Introduced At HarmonyOS Event


Huawei will unveil its new products with HarmonyOS operating system at the event it will hold on June 2. One of the devices with the HarmonyOS operating system to be introduced at this event will be the Huawei Watch 3.

There is no official sharing about the features of Huawei Watch 3 yet. However, it is already possible to find some images about the smartwatch on Huawei’s official Weibo account.

It is already known that Huawei Watch 3 will have eSIM support. Thanks to this support, it will be possible to make phone calls to Huawei Watch 3 without a smartphone. Better battery life is also among Huawei’s promises.

For Huawei Watch 3 with HarmonyOS operating system, it is necessary to wait less than a week. In this process, it will not be a surprise to see other shares from Huawei about its new smart watch.