Huawei wants to talk to CEO Joe Biden


Huawei founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, wants to reset and restart relations between the company and the US. Speaking to the international media after more than a year, Huawei CEO expressed his wish to speak to the new US President Joe Biden. Ren said they hoped to see “an open policy” from the new American administration.

“I would like to receive a phone or message with an emphasis on joint development and success. “Both the US and China aim to grow economically,” he said. “If Huawei’s production capacity increases, it will provide more supply opportunities to American companies,” said the founder of Huawei. I believe this will benefit both sides. We hope the new administration takes into account economic interests before deciding on its policy. We also want to be able to buy American materials and components on a large scale, and everyone can benefit from China’s growth. ”

Huawei is currently unable to work with American companies because it has been blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce during the Trump administration. The suspension of Huawei’s Android license also affects the company’s strength in Western markets.

This situation forced Huawei to sell Honor. In this way, the company aimed to protect Honor and maintain its presence in the smartphone market. Although the claim that Huawei would sell the smartphone unit recently came to the agenda, this claim was soon rejected. Ren said once again that the company will continue to remain in the smartphone market: “We have decided not to sell our consumer devices, our smartphone unit.”

Another striking point in the Huawei CEO’s statement was the praise of Apple. According to news agencies, Ren used the phrase “the best smartphone in the world” for the iPhone 12. Ren stated that the iPhone 12 will be instrumental in the proliferation of Huawei’s 5G equipment. Huawei CEO added that thanks to the iPhone 12, the power of 5G technology of his company has been seen.


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