Huawei Wants To Prove Itself On The Blockchain Platform


The blockchain platform has begun to be adopted rapidly by many countries. Among these countries, China is undoubtedly the biggest supporter. It values ​​both the blockchain ecosystem and the blockchain-related professions. Finally, China-based technology giant Huawei started working with Beijing local government to create a blockchain-based data sharing platform.

Huawei and Beijing local government are trying to create a blockchain platform that will find solutions to the problems of city infrastructure. Thanks to this platform, which can also be used by citizens, city residents will be able to object to decisions to be taken or to propose solutions for the problems of the city.

The war between the Chinese technology giant and the USA continues. The US accuses Huawei of allegedly helping the Chinese government’s spying network with its technological products. Huawei, whose products were banned in the US in late 2018 for violating cyber espionage and data protection security, continues to pursue new opportunities in China.

In the report published on Huawei’s blockchain platform, it was stated that the blockchain solution was designed to be people-oriented and beneficial for the city’s residents. In other words, the blockchain platform will be opened to city residents as an ecosystem that includes more transparent and effective procedures.

Among the expected solutions are improvements in the city’s healthcare infrastructure, which emerged due to the Covid-19 outbreak. In the published report, it was stated that the blockchain-powered solution platform can predict the trends of outbreaks by using data from every hospital in the city to coordinate medical interventions.

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On the other hand, even though the priority is health, with the platform, which will provide solutions to more mundane issues, it is also possible to address the complaints and objections to city administration decisions, parking and road use problems, and to control the risks associated with the use of water, gas and electricity in people’s homes. Solutions can be produced quickly.

The blockchain ecosystem is known as a platform that can be used in many sectors and will provide transparency and fast solutions in the sector where it is used. For this reason, blockchain investments need to be made similarly in our country and more projects on this subject need to be done by the developers. The sooner we start using an ecosystem that will reach a more widespread global use, the better it will be for our country.


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