Huawei vs USA: company tried to hide ‘prohibited business’ in Iran


Reuters news agency gained access to documents proving that Chinese manufacturer Huawei was negotiating in Iran, despite sanctions imposed by the United States. The company has always denied that it was disrespecting the ban imposed by the country, which prevented trade with the country involving products and services that used US technologies.

According to the report, the trade was carried out using Skycom Tech, a company that was seen only as a “local partner”, but which would actually be controlled by the Chinese giant. In 2013, Huawei even tried to leave the company permanently, already worried about possible sanctions. For this, she changed management, closed one of the company’s offices and requested new contracts.

Reuters itself had already made a complaint about the case in 2019, but the call was denied by Huawei. In addition, other documents show that products containing Hewlett-Packard technology were in fact shipped during the sanction period. The new documents, however, practically confirm that it was the Chinese who made important decisions involving Skycom and contracts in Iran.


The case should heat up one of so many legal battles between the manufacturer and the Americans. Initial complaints date back to 2012, but the case peaked when Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, was arrested in 2018 in Canada. She is still awaiting trial, and the United States has already made an extradition request for the executive to be sentenced in the country.


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