Huawei turned face to South Korea for RAM


Huawei found the cure to avoid problems with RAM. The firm, which is under the bans and embargo by the USA, is said to have negotiated with South Korean companies for hardware supply. Samsung is among the interviewed companies.

It was stated in the previous reports that it could expand the prohibition decisions applied for the company. Sad news came for the firm, which has close relations with England. The US can get what it aims for the UK.

Huawei discusses Korean firms for RAM
According to the news, Chinese phone maker Huawei held talks about the hardware with companies operating in South Korea. Huawei, which is disconnected from the companies that it supplies to for the devices it produces, is said to have negotiated for the RAM chip from the companies named Samsung and SK Hynix.

Both brands are currently producing chips for memory. It is stated in the interviews that it is discussed whether there is stable supply or not. Because the company wants to have ready supply for the production of its models and to offer them to the market.

The above two firms are exempt from US sanctions. However, the US is concerned that it will prevent the US from suppressing and supplying these companies for Huawei. These companies had previously worked with Huawei. It is even stated that the total trade is around $ 8.1 billion.

South Korean companies hold 70 percent of the world market in this regard. While it is stated that the US companies also supply from these companies, it is also discussed by Huawei whether a RAM chip factory will be established on its own. However, this possibility, as it is said, can become a reality after failing to purchase products from supplier companies.


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