Huawei to share smartphone beta for Harmony OS


Although a new president will take office in the US, it is stated that it may not be easy for Huawei to return to the old days. Taking a different path for the mobile ecosystem than Google’s services, the Chinese manufacturer is preparing to take one of the important steps in this journey. Huawei will bring the first smartphone beta prepared for the Harmony OS platform to developers.

Wang Chenglu, head of the software development department in the Huawei Consumer Electronics Group, stated that the open source platform will be available to developers as of December 18. The first demo devices running the beta version will be delivered to developers in the first two months of 2021.

Dr. Wang stated that all of Huawei’s staff are working to create a new ecosystem around Harmony and everything is going as planned. In line with the feedback coming in the first quarter of 2021, the public beta process is planned to start in April.

According to the information given by Wang, 90 percent of Huawei phones are ready to receive the Harmony OS update. The Chinese manufacturer is not expected to give up its journey with Harmony OS, although it is likely that the US’s attitude will soften with the new administration and the barriers between Huawei and Google will be lifted.


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