Huawei and Tencent join forces to create streaming games


Chinese giants Tencent and Huawei, some of the country’s largest technology companies, are closing a partnership that will result in a gaming platform via streaming in the cloud. The information is from the Reuters news agency.

The “co-innovation laboratory” will be a merger of Huawei’s Kunpeng processor with Tencent’s existing platform, GameMatrix. However, now the two will create a new service from scratch. Both will invest in sectors such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality, not just in the catalog or availability of titles.

The platform should enter a market already with strong competitors in development or recently launched, such as Google Stadia, Microsoft Project xCloud and NVIDIA GeForce Now, each with peculiarities in its operation. TecMundo has already told the story of Tencent on our YouTube channel – which includes the fact that it is the largest game conglomerate in the world, due to its shareholding in several giants in the sector.

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