Huawei sub-company Honor is being sold!


It was claimed that he would sell the Honor brand, a sub-company of Huawei. In the report published by Reuters, it is stated that Huawei and Digital China Group company will make a sales agreement.

Huawei claims to make a sales deal for Honor

Huawei, which is trying to sell the Honor brand due to US sanctions, according to some analysts, may recently come to an agreement with Digital China Group.

Huawei, Honor alt markası için satış anlaşması yaptı iddiası

It is not yet known what Joe Biden will do with Huawei after the US elections. Although there is no official statement made by the companies, details about the agreement are expected to be announced on 15 November.

Digital China Group, which is claimed to buy 15 percent of Honor Terminal Co Ltd shares, will be one of the two largest shareholders. The company, which is stated to pay $ 15.2 billion, will provide most of the money through bank loans.

After the deal, Honor plans to retain a large part of the administration and around 7,000 employees. Some sources also claimed that the company will go public within three years.

Huawei has not yet answered questions on this issue.

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