Huawei stores more energy and is solid


Chinese manufacturer Huawei has patented a new form of battery that can extend the capacity of energy storage and the duration of a charge in mobile phones. The registration was initially requested in July 2019, but has only now been granted by the country’s responsible agency.

In the description, Huawei indicates a lithium-ion battery, as are currently used in electronics, but made of a more resistant material. The secret lies in a silicon-carbon compound, in addition to a core protected by a layer of alkaline material.

The porous shape of the compound reduces the contact region between the silicon material and the battery electrolytes, which in practice reduces the adverse reactions of energy consumption and prolongs the life of the battery. In addition, the battery skeleton made of graphite reduces volumetric expansion and subsequent contraction, which means that it maintains its stable shape and the best possible density for its operation.

No forecast

For now, there is no indication that the new battery planned by Huawei will be launched commercially or used in any of the brand’s smartphones. Patent registration can only mean that the brand is reserving rights under a technology to demand royalties on future licensing.


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