Huawei Releases Promotional Video For FreeBuds Pro


Chinese technology giant Huawei has released a 15-second promotional video for its new wireless smart headset FreeBuds Pro. The video featured some of the design of the headset.

China-based technology giant Huawei continues to introduce its new products, although it has had a hard time in the smartphone industry for the past 1 year. This time, the company will add a new competitor to wireless headphone products that users will only prefer better. Huawei’s new wireless headset will be FreeBuds Pro, which will be introduced on September 10.

The technology company released a promotional video for FreeBuds Pro wireless headphones in its new post on Huawei Terminal today. In the promotional video published, a small hint was given that the headphones will have dynamic noise canceling support.

It will have a different design than Apple’s AirPods:

Unfortunately, the Huawei FreeBuds Pro wireless headphones were not fully shown in the video, which is only 15 seconds long. However, Huawei showed that in a part of the video, the headphones will look very similar to the letter ‘P’. However, a small part of the design of the headphones was also included in the video.

As far as we can see from the official video, the wireless charging section of the wireless headphones will have a different design compared to the charging section in Apple’s AirPods headphones. Huawei will include a more curved design in FreeBuds Pro headphones. However, the lower parts of the headphones will be flatter.

According to previously revealed information, Huawei FreeBuds Pro will go on sale in Europe in early October with a price tag of 150 euros. The headphones will have the Kirin A1 chip developed by Huawei, three different microphones and Bluetooth 5.2 support.

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According to the same information, the company’s new wireless headphones will be available in black, silver and white color options. September 10, when FreeBuds Pro headphones will be introduced, will also be the day when we will see the company’s new FreeLace headphones, new Huawei MateBook and new Watch.


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