Huawei Releases First Software Update to Offer New Features to P40 Series


Huawei has just released its first software update for the P40 series, which it recently announced. The released update provides features such as Gold Snap and Sound Booster to the P40 series, while also providing some performance improvements and security fixes.

Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei recently introduced the 2020 flagship P40 series. The company presented P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro + models to consumers in the event it organized. Huawei has now released the first software update for the new flagship series, and consumers have received both new features and performance improvements in some areas.

Huawei’s P40 series came with a rectangular camera setup called the company “Ultra Vision Leica”. In addition, these phones were the first phones that came out of their boxes with the latest interface of Huawei, EMUI 10.1. In this way, the new software update from Huawei introduced some new features of EMUI 10.1.

Huawei’s software update for the P40 series brought new features of EMUI 10.1, such as Golden Snap and Sound Booster, to new flagships. In addition, consumers will be able to start using the “Find My Phone” application with the new update. Now let’s take a closer look at these features included in Huawei’s new software update and examine what consumers will experience with these features.

What does the Golden Snap feature offer?
Huawei’s Golden Snap feature has already been offered by Samsung (Moving Photo) and Apple (Live Photo) for a while. Users of the P40 series will be able to take action photos with this feature. In addition, this feature will offer opportunities such as adjusting the sharpness of videos and reducing reflections. In addition to all these features, Golden Snap will improve the video recording experience and optimize the anti-blur function.

What does the Sound Booster feature offer?
Sound Booster feature, as the name suggests, will increase the volume. Consumers will be able to use this feature through a wireless headset that they will connect to their phones. Thus, especially people with hearing loss will be able to wear headphones and hear their environment better with the help of this feature. Within the scope of this feature, Sound Booster will transmit the sound it receives from the microphone of the phone to the headset, the consumer.

The update that Huawei brought to the P40 series now also offers the “Find My Phone” feature, which many consumers are familiar with. Consumers will be able to track their phones as part of this feature. In addition, the update improves the performance of the P40 series fingerprint reader sensor and closes the known vulnerabilities, equipping the phone with the March 2020 security patch.


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