Huawei Releases Augmented Reality Map AR Map for P40 Series


China-based technology giant Huawei continues to offer innovations to users. The company recently released the augmented reality map (AR Map). The app is currently only available on the P40 series.

China-based technology giant Huawei has officially launched the AR Map application. The application is powered by Cyberverse technology to combine the virtual world with the real world in real time.

Huawei AR Map features live augmented reality navigation, which recognizes the current locations of the phone. Some virtual holographic characters appear in the application at your current location. With the augmented reality technology in the application, the current location can be recognized by lifting the phone and the target point can be determined.

Virtual map move from Huawei:
One of the company’s executives, Luo Wei, said, “The integration of Huawei’s advances in the camera department will enable seamless integration of the user’s digital and physical lives with Cyberverse, along with next-generation 5G connectivity and cloud services.”

Currently available in the P40 series, Huawei AR Map currently operates in two regions in China. One of these is the Mogao Caves in Kansu, and the other is the Bund district in Shanghai. “Take photos of virtual and real combination about the application in question. In real life you will meet the flying fairies and the legendary monster that crosses the river. With the help of your partners, you can take pictures with virtual characters ”.

Talking about Cyberverse, the technology was first introduced during the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2019. Huawei; It defines Cyberverse as an innovative high-tech that connects space and data through spatial computing. In addition, Cyberverse includes device technologies such as a 3D ultra-high resolution map, ultra-realistic imaging, and 5G. Cyberverse is also used in public places such as tourist attractions, museums, smart campuses, airports, high-speed train stations and commercial buildings.


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