Huawei Promises To Come Back to The Top and Back to The Top in Cell Phones


Chinese manufacturer Huawei appears not to have been dismayed by the recent drop in smartphone sales and, despite the difficulties posed by the political and trade war with the United States, believes that the return to the heads of the industry is only a matter of time.

The thinking comes from Guo Ping, the brand’s current president, who spoke with employees in a closed Q&A session. According to him, the brand is currently stuck in a complicated situation: the company is able to create chips that are small and economical enough to move the market forward, but it does not have partners who are interested or free to negotiate.

However, Ping was optimistic and believes the situation will be reversed. “Huawei will continue to exist in the mobile telephony field and, with continued advances in chip production, the smartphone throne will eventually be taken back,” he says.

Free fall

Huawei came to occupy the second place in the global smartphone market, behind only Samsung. However, the fight that started during Donald Trump’s administration and continued under the presidency of Joe Bien in the US has caused several commercial partners to be prevented from doing business with the company — which includes semiconductor brands and even the license to use the Android.

With the problems, Huawei was first forced to use an Android without the Google ecosystem and later adopt its own operating system, the Harmony OS. In addition, the company sold Honor, a successful cost-effective mobile device subsidiary. In the last quarter, the company recorded a record drop in revenue generated and even dropped out of the global “top 5” of the biggest smartphone brands.


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