Huawei project carries the internet via fiber optics


We have already seen some examples that show how the internet can improve people’s quality of life, see the example of Thai hospitals that managed to contain the coronavirus thanks to the help of the 5G connection. Now another region of the world will benefit from high-speed internet via optical fiber, this time in northern Brazil in the Amazon Connected project.

The new Amazonia Conectada project was carried out in a partnership between Huawei and the Federal, State and Municipal Governments, which resulted in the installation of more than 8,000 kilometers of optical fiber in several regions of the Amazon, connecting large metropolises to riverside dwellers in the Amazon tributaries. with the objective of bringing more development to the region.

Some of the benefited cities include Belém, Manaus, Boa Vista, Macapá and Marabá, which now have more than 65 thousand inhabitants connected via domestic broadband. More details about the project will be revealed tomorrow (14) in a live at 10 am, which will be presented in two panels with the presence of federal and local authorities, in addition to the CEO of Huawei do Brasil, Sun Baocheng.



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