Huawei Prepares To Open Its New Online Store


China-based Huawei, one of the giants of technology and smartphone world, is preparing to open its new online store. There are also some discounts and special offers for the opening of the store.

Online shopping has become a huge market today. In our country, there are almost everything from various online stores to clothes and phone accessories, which have many examples.

Of course, besides the marketplaces where many companies are located, the companies also have their own online shopping stores. Brands have many benefits, such as their online shopping stores being less costly than physical stores. Huawei, one of the giants of the smartphone world, is preparing to open its own online store.

Huawei opens its online store on March 23
The Chinese tech giant opens its new store on March 23. All Huawei products will be sold in the new online store, which will open this month. According to the company statement, special discounts and campaigns will be made for the opening of this online store, which will include all Huawei products and peripherals.

Users who subscribe to the website, which will open next Monday, will spin the gift wheel three times a day. In addition, for sharing from Facebook, the chance to turn a gift wheel 2 times per day of sharing will be gained.