Huawei Prepares New Galaxy Z Flip 3-Style Foldable Smartphone


Galaxy Z Flip 3: Chinese manufacturer Huawei could be the next to bet on the segment of foldable smartphones in the flip format. According to the SparrowNews website, this information started to circulate on the Weibo social network from specialists in leaks and, at the slightest moment, it is nothing but a rumor.

Speculation points out that Huawei has already started mass manufacturing the device and will bet on the cost-benefit factor, offering a cheaper model than some of its direct rivals — in particular Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 or the Motorola Razr .

Not too much detail

For now, at least, there is no technical information on the look or hardware of the company’s new flip phone, except that the hinge technology will be “a more minimalist solution”, along with “a rich color scheme and a stylish look”.

Huawei is one of the few manufacturers on the market already in the second generation of folding smartphones: the Mate X2 model was announced in February this year. However, it is worth remembering that the brand’s sales are limited to a few markets and devices, especially thanks to trade sanctions and policies applied by the US government.