Huawei plans 300 million devices with HarmonyOS


In recent months, we have seen here that Huawei has been constantly working on reducing dependence on US suppliers, thanks to the embargoes imposed by Donald Trump, which includes the creation of the HarmonyOS operating system (or HongMeng OS in the Chinese market).

At the end of last year, we saw here that the brand was starting its plans to deliver its own operating system for smartphones and tablets, promising a system that “will not be a copy of Android or iOS” and that was expected at least 100 million of devices later that year.

However, it seems that Huawei’s plans for HarmonyOS are bolder than the one released by the brand, having revealed that in fact, the expectation is to ship HarmonyOS between 300 and 400 million devices still during the year 2021.

To achieve this goal, the company is betting on two fronts of work: the first is to offer the system on the brand’s own devices, while opening up the possibility of also offering the system for other manufacturers to embark on their devices, could boost the adhesion of the operating system itself.

Also according to Wang Chenglu, Head of Software at Huawei’s Consumer Business Software Department during an event held by Sina Tech, signaled that the main differential of HarmonyOS when compared to Android and iOS is its use on a wide range of devices ranging from smartphones to IoT devices.

In addition, another interesting point raised by Chenglu is that HarmonyOS seeks to solve the problems that can be provided by the wide variety of devices connected to the devices, which would possibly be a facilitator to have the same system on the devices connected to them.

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