Huawei P50: Chinese should use Kirin 9000 chips stock


We have already seen some images showing the Huawei P50 which can have 5 rear cameras and arrive in 3 different versions, possibly all of them with the Kirin 9000, the most powerful processor from the Chinese. However, sources now point out that both the P50 and the Mate 50 already have a privileged stock of the chip to guarantee meeting the initial demand for them.

It is mentioned that the Huawei P50 and Mate 50 will have a stock of less than 9 million units of the Kirin 9000, so they can be launched with a limited initial stock, as already happened with the Mate 40, which sold out a few seconds later have the first sale released due to low availability.

This initial care is due to the fact that the top-of-the-line models are really iconic for a manufacturer, so Huawei should prefer to keep its handsets on sale for a longer period by gradually releasing stocks, ensuring availability in more countries.

It is worth remembering that this scarcity was caused mainly by the ban on Huawei under the Donald Trump administration in the USA, which is now under the command of Joe Biden, who may change the course of this story or not in the coming weeks.


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