Huawei P40 Pro’s Screen Design Leaked Once Again


The display design of the new flagship P40 Pro, which Huawei will announce in Paris on March 26, has appeared. Images leaked over the internet reveal that the P40 Pro’s screen will have a dual front camera and the camera will be placed in the hole on the screen.

Chinese technology giant Huawei continues to work on its flagship smartphones despite problems with the US administration. The company has continued its normal business life since the day the problems started and has produced many smart phone models. Huawei is getting ready to meet the consumers with the new flagship series P40 shortly afterwards.

According to statements by Huawei officials, the P40 series will be announced at an event in Paris on March 26. The company is currently working on its latest work on upcoming flagship phones. Now an emerging image reveals how the display of the Huawei P40 Pro is.

The leaked screen design of the Huawei P40 Pro confirms the leaks in recent times. Accordingly, both sides of the screen will be curved. In addition, the installation of a dual front camera, which was also included in previous leaks, is clearly verified in the leaked images. However, the P40 Pro’s front camera design is quite large, which can make the ‘notch’ design look worse than the notched P30 Pro design.

Leaked screen design of Huawei P40 Pro
The fact that the above image is largely compatible with previously leaked designs supports the idea that the display of the Huawei P40 will look like this. However, it should be remembered that there is no explanation from Huawei front right now and this image is not verified in any way.

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Camera Features of Huawei P40 Pro Revealed

Nor are we familiar with the details of the front camera setup of Huawei’s upcoming new flagship. Only one claim made recently was that this camera setup would be 10 MP + 5 MP. But what features these cameras will have is a big secret for now.

According to information revealed recently, the main rear camera of the P40 Pro will be 52 MP. According to the allegations, this main camera will be accompanied by an ultra wide-angle sensor, periscope lens and ToF camera.


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