Huawei may present news at HarmonyOS tomorrow (10)


This Thursday (10), Huawei is expected to position itself against the latest restrictions imposed by Donald Trump and present its progress with HarmonyOS. Unable to acquire semi-conductors produced or developed with American technology, the Chinese manufacturer is in yet another delicate situation.

The news and Huawei’s response should come through Richard Yu, Huawei’s head of consumer business, when speaking at the company’s annual developer conference in Dongguan. The executive must present Huawei’s position to the latest United States sanctions and present its alternative to Google’s Android.

The fight reached another level in August, when the American president declared that the manufacturer could not acquire chips and semi-conductors developed or produced with American software or technology – which includes manufacturing by foreign companies.

This move not only destabilized Huawei’s leadership in the smartphone market, but also hinders its growth in parallel markets, such as 5G connectivity and cloud computing – where it fought with other giants, such as Google, Amazon and its neighbor Tencent.

Still, it is likely that Huawei will not introduce the development of HarmonyOS for mobile phones, but reiterates that it is working on building an ecosystem of devices. Therefore, Richard Yu’s speech should include news from secondary devices such as smartscreens, clothing accessories and more.

This is due to the company’s hope of regaining access to Google’s operating system. Huawei must wait for the outcome of the United States election in November and, if Trump is not re-elected, hope that the country’s new leader will repeal the current bans.

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