Huawei may not be relieved by Joe Biden


The pieces on the board where Huawei’s situation in the trade war with China is being decided should be the same, but the tactics of that game are expected to change with the arrival of President-elect Joe Biden at the White House on January 20.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Eurasia Group analyst Paul Triolo said the elected Democrat was unlikely to turn the tables and change the game. “Biden will probably hear the argument that, going after Huawei, he will harm American companies by encouraging China to develop its own products,” he said, recalling, that the then candidate promised to force the country to “obey the rules.” international ”.

Many believe that, unlike the truculent primer followed by Donald Trump. Biden chose to link trade, diplomacy, technology and even issues such as the climate crisis to a more coherent policy towards China, which would give relief not only to Huawei but to other Chinese companies and American suppliers.

Outcast in 5G

Biden is almost certain to revoke much of the measures signed by Trump, but not those in China. The president-elect said in the past he had agreed to Huawei’s ban on the use of network equipment.

When sitting at the negotiating table, the US will have looking over its shoulders both countries that followed Trump in the restrictions on the Chinese giant (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and India) and American companies (Google and Qualcomm ahead).

For Huawei, stop being an outcast would cause it to be considered again in 5G auctions – half of its revenue comes from this segment. Even if you’re tempted to approach Joe Biden now, you’ll still have to deal with Trump in the Oval Office for two months.

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