Huawei Mate X2: Galaxy Z will rival Flip 2


Huawei is one of the Chinese companies that stands out the most among users. Its terminals are also among the most anticipated with each passing year to see how they respond to the big brands. And it is that the firm has also risked getting into the world of folding phones, even working on a version such as the Huawei Mate X2 that has been registered as a patent.

This could be the Mate X2

Foldable devices are gaining a lot of presence, although their prices are not entirely affordable. Exclusivity and technology are paid for with four-digit figures and in terms of functionality and design they are still far from being placed in the pockets of the most humble users. But this does not prevent brands from working, innovating and studying new possibilities with which to convince users.

Every year we receive new proposals and Huawei is not far behind. In fact, it could be behind a new device in its range of folding after registering what would be the model of the Huawei Mate X2, its new folding phone. What is striking about the design is that it seems very similar to an old acquaintance such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which suggests that the firm wants to change course after what was seen with the Mate X.

As we see in Mspoweruser, in this new device we see that the firm will put its largest screen inside the phone. Closed will have a screen on one of the covers like the Korean model. It would also have a front camera in this section, while the interior screen only extends the display. In the other module, which is somewhat thicker than its pair, is the section of the rear cameras that could have no less than five sensors. Possibly one of them would be a telephoto lens because of the shape it has.

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Patent file gives new details about Huawei Mate X2

It is not the final design, but it seems that the Chinese company has learned from the mistake by adopting what is seen by the most direct rivals. A smart move that we will possibly see more polished in the future if the Chinese company launches to manufacture the device.


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