Huawei launches teaser of its first 65 ”OLED Smart TV


Huawei joined the list of Sony, LG, Panasonic and Philips with its new release. On Wednesday (8), the Chinese giant released teasers revealing its first OLED Smart TV to the public.

Like the Huawei Vision 4k TV, launched in September 2019, this new product will feature a pop-up camera. In addition, Huawei Smart TV X65 will be equipped with 14 smart speakers, strategically located behind the panel, with a calibration process that will emit sound waves to identify the structure of the environment and create the most appropriate surround sound profile.

Despite the promising project, this launch raises serious questions about longevity, since we are talking about OLED technology that was the focus of a recent controversy.

OLED technology reliability
Huawei chose a good time to open up the OLED TV market, that we cannot deny. After all, most companies in this medium are incorporating OLED technology in their products.

Although this technology is in the spotlight, the manufacturer Hisense made us question the reliability of products in this segment. After an avalanche of criticism about its Hisense O8B TV, the company announced earlier this year that it has decided to abandon OLED technology.

After some tests, experts began to suspect that this was because the company wanted to save on software development and processing, since OLED manufacturing is still very expensive compared to LCD.

In the end, Hisense got a final product with a “more competitive” price. However, as we all know, the cheap can be very expensive. In that case, it cost the company’s reputation and the money of unsuspecting customers.

Huawei, for its part, has not yet released the value of its new TV or more detailed specifications. But, given the growth of this market with models that are starting to arrive at more affordable prices, it is expected that the Chinese will stay longer in this field than Hisense.


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