Huawei is preparing to open AppGallery for PC app store


Huawei has its own app store AppGallery for mobile apps, which contains a selection of selected Android apps, just like the Google Play Store. It is said that Huawei has also opened a PC section where it will offer PC software and applications with AppGallery, but this has not been officially announced yet.

Currently, there are two main computer operating systems with a high number of users, Windows and macOS. The Microsoft Store, the dedicated Windows operating system app store, is considered extremely slow. We can say that it is far from fully satisfying the users. On the macOS side, Apple’s own solution is the App Store, which makes the application download experience much better and safer.

Now Huawei will have its own app store available worldwide for PC as well as smartphones. However, Huawei can only offer AppGallery for Huawei devices. However, for the time being, the company has opened it to all Windows computers and released the installation package.

Compared to current app stores, Huawei AppGallery seems to have more capability to satisfy users. Huawei AppGallery may not be considered to be rich in application variety, either. But it seems simple enough to meet the users’ needs.

It is not possible to get much detail by looking at the screenshot with Chinese characters. But you can see that the user interface of the software is very spacious and the sidebar is designed with a translucent frosted background, adding a refreshing experience to the users. At first glance, there seems to be limited options to explore in Huawei AppGallery. However, this can be considered sufficient right now.

Looking at the sidebar, AppGallery for PC has five categories: Explore, Office, Classification, Management, Settings. At the top are the search box, downloads, and normal window management controls.

The user interface is simple and does not require a user to explore further to install new applications. There seems to be a variety of programs currently available, such as WeChat, QQ, WPS Office, video editing software, and image preview software. After users find the relevant application, they can download it by simply pressing the download button. Also, users can view application information before downloading.

Currently, there is no information about when AppGallery for PC will be officially available. However, this seems likely to happen very soon. Still, it may take some time for Huawei to make it available worldwide.


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