Huawei is having a hard time in Europe due to the ban


Huawei is undoubtedly one of the companies most affected by the ban imposed by President Trump’s government on Chinese companies. It has been claimed that a new printing process is continuing for the company, which was decided to be removed from the 5G infrastructure in England recently. The Washington administration is allegedly pressuring to end partnerships with Huawei, which continues its activities in European countries.

Huawei is having a hard time in Europe due to the ban

According to the allegation made by Abraham Liu, the company’s Vice President of Europe, Chinese telecom giant Huawei is in a very difficult situation due to the US restricting its access to semiconductor technology and sanctions. However, despite all this, it provides the best service to its customers on the 5G network. Speaking to the Austrian newspaper Kruier, Liu said, “Since the sanctions that started last year, US supply producers have not been allowed to do business with us. Therefore, we cannot find the chance to work with our previous partners. Therefore, everything got more difficult as of August ”.

In addition, Liu once again denied the company’s allegations that it was spying for Beijing, stating that the US blackmailed chip manufacturers. Stating that they will continue their services thanks to the infrastructure they have, the Vice President said that they can still serve European customers in the 5G sector due to the investments made forward.

After Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world, banned the Android operating system from technical support for new Huawei brand phones, it still has not been able to find a solution to help its millions of users. It is stated that there are around 90 million Huawei users in Europe. After Google’s ban, the company is looking for answers on how to help these users.


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