Huawei is considering giving up the mobile phone market


Huawei is not doing well – we know that the Chinese giant has seen its empire collapse gradually after the numerous sanctions imposed by the United States government, alleging it is spying.

In one of the latter, former US President Donald Trump decided to put the brand on a list of prohibitions for alleged military involvement, and it appears that this was the “coup de grace”.

That’s because, according to a recent report published by Reuters, Huawei would be considering selling its P and Mate cell phone lines to a consortium of buyers – and if the deals are completed, they should become independent brands, as will Honor.

This will end up putting Huawei out of the top-of-the-line smartphone market, which is currently one of its main businesses. Apparently, Huawei has been considering scrapping the flagship lines since September last year.

These alleged plans show that the Chinese woman is not very hopeful, even with a new president at the head of the United States. A spokesman for the brand denied the alleged deal and said that “there is no merit in the rumors that are circulating about the possible sale of the main smartphone brands”.

This may just be a claim to try to outwit a fateful future and not to scare off even more investors. Anyway, let’s stay tuned and wait for “scenes from the next chapters”.


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