Huawei invests in pig farming after losses in cell phones


Huawei is supplying technologies to the pig industry after a drop in cell phone sales. Barred from accessing vital components for the manufacture of new devices, the Chinese telecommunications giant seeks other sources of revenue.

Despite being a surprising move, the company follows the example of other large Chinese companies. For example, and Alibaba also provide technologies for pig farmers.

Huawei’s artificial intelligence technology is collaborating with the modernization of pig farms. Today, China has the largest pig industry in the world and is home to half of the live pigs on the planet.

In this way, AI is used to detect disease and track animals. Combined with facial recognition software that identifies pigs individually, it also helps to monitor weight, diet and exercise.

“Pig farming is another example of how we can revitalize some traditional industries with new information technology practices. So, we created more value for industries in the 5G era ”, explains the Huawei spokesman.

Huawei sales fall

The harsh sanctions of former US President Donald Trump have limited the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment to making only 4G models. That’s because Huawei is not allowed to import components for 5G devices.

As a result, smartphone sales fell 42% in the last quarter of 2020. Faced with this difficulty, the company plans to reduce the production of new devices by up to 60% this year.

In addition, Huawei is unable to develop the 5G network in several countries because of the possible risk to national security. In the end, all of these issues directly impact the Chinese company’s revenues.

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