Huawei Invests In Internal Chip Division To Avoid The US


Huawei: Chinese manufacturer Huawei is looking for a home-made solution to not rely on other companies — especially US companies — to manufacture and supply processors for the brand’s devices.

According to the Global Times, Huawei recently invested 82 million yuan (about R$64 million in direct currency conversion) in its subsidiary Hubble Technology Investment. This is an investment company that controls, among other businesses, Beijing RSLaser Opto-Electronics, a brand involved in the lithography process.

By expanding control over an industry brand, Huawei’s goal is to rely less and less on contracts and negotiations with other companies, especially foreign ones, and to have its own semiconductor design, manufacture and assembly division for its own products.

the fight continues

In a trade war against the United States since 2019, Huawei was banned from trading with companies in the country and lost its Android ecosystem license, which made the company launch its own platform, HarmonyOS, and announce its focus on software.

The brand is expected to remain banned in the US during the Biden government and now cannot even receive investments from the country. Therefore, the strategy is to strengthen the local industry so as not to run out of alternatives.

Hubble Technology Investment has already invested in 28 companies in the chip industry, including some with the ability to produce processors with 14nm and 28nm architectures.


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