Huawei Introduces Cases Designed for the New Flagship P40


Chinese technology giant Huawei, which introduced P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus the other day, has now unveiled its cases designed for new flagships. One of the three different case models, the shoulder button gaming case turns the phone into a controller and promises a tremendous mobile gaming experience to the user.

Chinese technology giant Huawei, which continues on its way confidently despite the commercial sanctions imposed by the USA, introduced the P40 series, one of the most ambitious flagships of 2020. Huawei P40 and P40 Pro, which have finally become official after a long period of rumors and leaks, is the place to be impressed with its design and features. The P40 series is almost a complete device, especially with its abilities in photography, confronting many flagships in the market.

When a smartphone is released, the accessories that come with it are also very interesting. Huawei revealed the cases it designed for its new flagship just a day after the P40 launch. The most striking among these is undoubtedly the “shoulder button sleeve” that appeals to gamers.

Game case designed for Huawei P40
When you turn the P40 with this case, the LT and RT buttons located under your two index fingers promise to give you a high level gaming experience. The game case, which is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, is activated as soon as you insert it into the device. Then all you have to do is enter a game and enjoy the moment.

Wireless charging case based on Huawei P40’s Qi standard
Designing a new wireless charging case for the P40 series, Huawei offers significant support power to new flagships that offer both wired and wireless 40W power.

Huawei P40 case with Swarovski stone, designed for those who do not compromise on show
Another case designed for the P40 is extremely stylish and flashy. The case, whose body is decorated with Swarovski crystals, comes in a handmade box with black velvet lining. The price and release dates of these cases are not yet determined, but you should not doubt that we will share them with you if we access new information on the subject.