Huawei “hires” Michel Temer for 5G auction


According to information raised by columnist Lauro Jardim, Michel Temer (MDB) was hired as a lobbyist for Huawei. The intention is for the ex-president to use his influence in Brasília to ensure that the Chinese giant participates in the 5G auction, which is scheduled to happen in the second half.

Another factor that weighed in Temer’s choice is the good relationship he has with the current president, Jair Bolsonaro (without a party). Both approached last year during the crisis that hit Lebanon and the former president was even sent on an official mission to the country.

This may be crucial for Huawei to ensure that major Brazilian operators are able to purchase their equipment after Anatel’s frequency auction.

For now, ex-president Temer does not confirm whether he is really working for Huawei. Even so, sources at the Planalto Palace revealed earlier that Bolsonaro is giving signs that he will not ban the Chinese manufacturer.

This is because any penalty against Huawei may compel operators to exchange their 4G equipment, something that must be expensive and generate a legal dispute that may reach the Supreme Court (STF).

In addition, with the end of President Donald Trump’s term, Bolsonaro tends to end automatic alignment with White House policies, and distance himself from Democratic Joe Biden’s government.


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