Huawei: Harmony OS 2.0 is a copy of Android


Since making its own operating system, Harmony OS 2.0, available on December 16, in beta for developers to install on smartphones and tablets of the brand with factory Android system, Huawei has been trumpeting its independence from Google, although this exit is known to be due more to restrictions imposed by the U.S. government since 2019.

However, as disclosed by the technology website SlashGear this Sunday (27th), the developers were soon disappointed when analyzing the propagated OS, as they found that, in essence, it remains Android, both in appearance and internal structure, to the point of be detectable by an adb command (Android Debug Bridge).

Waiting for version 3.0

Despite the finding, it may be premature to claim that Harmony OS is just an Android skin, like Amazon’s Fire OS. It is possible that the configuration is applicable only in this beta version, to facilitate the work of developers in the manipulation of tools already known.

Or perhaps the version now available is just a basis for the launch of another more autonomous and unlinked from Android, perhaps a possible version 3.0 of Harmony OS.

Anyway, after investing heavily in an Android-based AppGallery and Huawei Mobile Services, it makes perfect sense for the Chinese manufacturer not to want to completely eliminate Google’s traces, at least until its interfaces can be assimilated by the developers, and the transmission to a own ecosystem to occur gradually and safely.

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